Entering a new markets are not without certain risks. Inventory production and storage is one that can be mitigated though the benefits of short run manufacturing and distributed manufacturing. Current Post-Covid lockdowns have disrupted the global supply chains with shelter in place orders. Having access to a US based on-demand small run manufacturer who can be readily accessible for you or your businesses can alleviate this condition. Small run manufacturers also greatly reduce legacy barriers to entry when exploring new "Contactless Markets". PEV Labs offers small quick turnaround manufacturing, short run production, even micro-run product creations. From one unit to a thousand our focus is on boutique one of a kind offerings and early stage product iterations.

Producing small product runs with rapid response times can keep you free of inventory costs. With the ever increasing costs of commercial real estate it makes little sense to pay for large scale storage. Order fulfillment can be often be achieved by producing just ahead of sales. Or with customized products rapidly from the sale. Distributed distribution such as stocking small runs with Amazon are also very effecting for sales channels support.

Click the example images below to find our more about the production of these products. For Skipping Rock Brewery we CNC milled 25 tap handles, with pairs of beer flavors engraved in the handles. The Rip Wake project started out as a couple of iterated prototypes. We milled a short production run of 50 units which sold out for the client. A second small batch run of 100 units followed. The UVA drink coasters first run of 50 units with an order in process now for 200 units. Branded weightlifting press boards for Heart & Hustle gym consisted for two prototypes and three orders of 35 units.
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