PEV Labs offers casual CNC Milling Services for individuals, hobbyists, professional and other tradespersons who might need parts made for their products or services. CNC Milling machines are useful for milling complex shapes, prototyping and CNC milling parts of other manufacturing projects. Frequent CNC cutting on materials such as plywood, hardwood, plastics and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. Utilizing CNC milling can speed up your project while offering increased accuracy. Please contact us to discuss your specific need. We prefer Fusion, SolidWorks, 3D STEP or AutoCad DWG files for quick quotes as the CAM software can calculate the milling time with little effort. However if you have DXF, SVG, 2D vector files such as Illustrator or even a drawing on a napkin taking with your cell phone we can work something out. We offer industrial design, CAD, modeling, and 3D rendering services for those who need help visualizing their ideas. CAD/CAM/CNC production services for hobbyist and professionals at an affordable cost.

Please note we are a fabrication shop, not a materials warehouse so please be prepared to spend a little research time in sourcing your material. Outside of the standards we will need to bill for our time for sourcing material for you. Our costing page may be of some help getting going as it has links for supply sourcing and pricing guides.

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