Industry 4.0 is about the advancement of connecting automation related data with software and people for the optimization of manufacturing processes. For us specifically its about adding connectivity and communication to digitally controlled machines so we better know that is going on. With all the technology and wonderment of a modern factory there is a surprising shortfall when it comes to central control or even centralized data acquisition. Germany has been leading the movement towards removing the industry blockers which held back modernizing a factory infrastructure. Having computer controlled devices that can speak and listen are known as IIoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things. Various components have existed for a long time in other business sectors. Adding machine to machine (M2M) communication with the ability to capture and share data is new to manufacturing. This promotes responsiveness to new manufacturing challenges in real time.

PEV Labs offers Industry 4.0 IIoT supply chain assistance to producers.
Offerings Include:
  • Automation Systems Design
  • Production Run Data Collection
  • Live Internet Based Machine Data Sharing
  • Live Internet Based Machine Camera Streams
  • IIoT Smart Factory Design and Consultation
  • Programmable Logic Controller Programming
  • Custom IIoT CNC Smart Machine Design / Build
  • Cobots / Cyber Physical System Implementation
  • Additional digital fabrication or manufacturing bandwidth
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Industry 4.0 IIoT Smart Factory BRX PLC Node-Red Raspberry Pi 4 HMI

PEV Labs is both a boutique custom maker studio along with operating as small run micro-factory with smart machines. We serve people who need something special made with a casual thoughtful approach to accommodate smaller budgets. We serve businesses that need several items produced for a limited product run offering. We also help companies become their own modern Industry 4.0 manufacturer to fulfill customized orders on-demand.

We design and make our own computer numerical controlled machines in house with sensors that promote responsiveness to new manufacturing challenges in real time. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication in concert with data Logging is essential to the modern day smart Factory. This enables digital manufacturing machines to send data to each other, Programable Logic Controllers or other devices. Human machine interfaces (HMI) and alert operators or managers of issues about where issues arrive, in realtime. Software applications can convert this machine data into machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

On Demand IIoT Smart Micro-Factory
On Demand IIoT Smart Micro-Factory
CNC Smart Machine Dual Spindle
CNC Smart Machine Dual Spindle

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