PEV Labs is capable of milling plastic of varying types with our CNC routing machine, or manual milling machine. Common CNC plastic milling projects include acrylic, polycarbonate, HDPE and PVC sheet. Polysulfone is used in stock or rod form when thermoplastics are required. Often used for chemical stability it became a popular bed material 3D printers. We are not opposed to setting up a fourth axis if you have a project that requires CNC lathe capabilities. Clear plastic is milled regular in our shop for making jigs and templates as it is handy to see though when lining up. Machining plastics over wood and composite for templates offers a material less susceptible to movement. This in turn offers more consistency, or dimensional stability in replication at a low cost. Signs, parts for branded products and merchandising displays are often made of varying opacities of plastic for back lighting or material contrast.