Furniture : Design and Custom Fabrication of Furniture and Parts

Decorating you living space or office and need something unique made? We design around your human activities for the residence, outdoor entertainment areas and office. We can produce varying types of furniture and parts traditionally or with our CNC Milling Machine. Moveable objects or hardscapes. Directly for hire or as a parts producer for another designer / furniture maker. Suppling kit parts from popular open source projects for the DIY community is a common request. Materials range from hardwoods, plywoods for flatpack designs, and antiquated lumber. Traditional, Modern or way way out there welcomed along with indoor and outdoor. Residential or commercial applications.

Furniture Chair Frames
Furniture Chair Frames (Black Bear)
DIY Childrens Chairs
Open Source DIY Children's Chairs
Modern Watchmans Chair Cubic
Modern Watchman' Chair Cubic

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