PEV Labs provides a verity of material milling options. Wood, plywood, plastics, MDF, composites, foam, furniture, surface patterns, parts, forms, jigs, and non-ferrous metal are common tasks in any broad scoped fabrication shop, or Fab Lab.

A verity of machine tools can be utilized such as computer numerical controlled machines which include small and large format CNC's, manual milling machine, traditional motorized shaper or router table. CNC CO2 Laser cutters can be used on many materials including softer metals if the surface is coated properly. Laser reflection could damage a lens or even the operator. Milling techniques are similar though a vast difference in material types. Tool safety considerations may differ but the basic premise on subtractive manufacturing is the removal material leaving the desired part. Flat sheet stock or cubic stock and rod stock can all be milled. Traditional cutting, drilling, shaping are daily events here. Design assistance that is available to create CAD files and STEP files needed to mill. Single part, iterative design with a series of parts up to small production runs can be handles in house. If production repetition is in your future we can build multi-spindle machines for more effective replication. Please contact Brian if you have an idea to be made or a part to be reproduced.