We love custom woodworking and unusual woodworking projects. Often we get asked to tackle projects that are more on the difficult to zany side we also enjoy traditional millwork, built-ins and custom cabinetry. From traditional hand tools, electric machinery to digitally controlled machines such as our large gantry CNC, we have most everything needed to produce many types of woodworking based projects. Old fashion craftsmanship along with modern digital fabrication.

Woodworking services such as custom built-in bookcases, cabinetry, casework, furniture, commercial displays, musical instrument making, matching of antiquated moldings, wood art, home goods. Architectural interior services such as custom trim, molding, raised paneling. Both fabrication and installation of wooden products. Lets not for historic restoration matching services. We can make parts for your furniture project or whatever you may have in mind. Design and fabrication for commercial, hospitality or just making parts for you personal project. More woodworking projects here.

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