PEV Labs offers CNC Milling Services of plywood sheet material for professional, educational and personal projects. Milled plywood is useful for commercial displays, cabinetry casework, flat pack furniture products, jigs, forms, prototyping, mock-ups, mold making for resin or composite casting and concrete molds. We frequently mill plywood for our flat pack furniture line along with many of the work surfaces in our workshop. Common plywood species are pre-primed paint grade, bamboo, cherry veneer, walnut veneer, oak veneer and luan underlayment. Plywood is a fairly cost effect material to work with and easy to obtain of short notice. Typically supplied in 48" x 96" but some specialty cabinet material suppliers will offer 49" x 97" to account for the material loss from saw kerfs and end mills. Thicknesses are 0.25", 0.0375", 0.50", 0.75" and 1.0". More about plywood basics and costing here. Our CNC milling skills serve Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton and Virginia on two major trucking routes which offer excellent fleet shipping access. Loading Dock accessible.

CNC Spindle Halo Light RingCNC Spindle Halo Light Ring

Image at left is one of our Large format gantry style CNC Machines, which we made in house with our Mechatronic skills.

We can design and fabrication a custom CNC milling machines specifically for your needs. CNC based Gantry Routers, Co2 Lasers, CNC lathes, CNC Fence Systems and more. The cost of making machines has become so cost effective that it can make more sense to invest in a custom built CNC that can perform specific tasks than to send the job out of house. If you have a production process that can benefit from automation and not affordable off the shelf machine exists consider having it made.

Reach out to Brian Williford if you would like to discuss.

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