Jigging provides solutions for a variety of fabrication challenges. Keeping material in place or alignment while milling can be handled easily by fabricating a simply plywood or plastic jig. For us it is often more helpful to invest a small amount of time to mill a fixture for material holding than to do without. We are a big fan of shop jigs. Many of them are precisely and or easily milled on the CNC. Even some CNC operations require a jig securely hold the material in place for other CNC operations. CNC milled Forms are also super helpful. Safety can also be enhance by making a jig as a material hold-down to keep fingers away from blades, bits or end mills. Machine damage is also reduce when parts don't come loose during milling which can jam up a machine. If you need jigs made for your home or professional shop on our CNC milling machine, please reach out. We will be happy to help.