Milling wood of varying types and species is a common task we do both for our client contracts and for other craftspersons needed to increase production capacity. PEV Labs handles woodworking projects digitally with our Computer Numeric Controlled gantry based router and with traditional machinery such as table saw, bandsaw, shaper, router table, etc. Wood types range from plywood stock, both pre-finished and paint grade to locally harvested hardwoods. Common milling run tasks in plywood sheet for flatpack furniture, templates and jigs. Solid woods most often are walnut, cherry, maple. Imported lumber such as mahogany and Sapelli are fine. There is a well known antiquated timber supplier right next door if you want to add texture to a project. More complex wooden projects might make use of embossed objects such as brand logos, project boxes for electronic components and architectural objects. Engraving with resin fill is fun too.

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