CNC Services for people, businesses or manufacturers. We will gladly mill a small run of parts or entire product production. Useful for prototypes, mock ups, foam modeling, molds making for resin or composite casting, concrete molds, milling wood, milling plywood, milling MDF, milling plastic, milling non-ferrous metal, milling foam and so much more. Besides CNC cutting we offer traditional milling too. Please contact us to discuss your specific need.

Commercial CNC Routing Services:
PEV Labs offers professional CAD/CAM/CNC production services at an affordable cost. We can accept your 2D vector drawing or 3D model model in a variety of file types. We also offer full design, modeling, and 3D rendering services. Our CNC machining services provides cutting on various different sheets of material. Sheet stock ranging from millable plywood to full sheets of non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, brass or copper. Other materials like hardwood. PVC, polycarbonate, can be cut with no difficulty. We have on hand an assortment of spindle end mills, router bits and other cutting tools such as a fly-cutter for slab surfacing. Full 4' x 8' sheet of stock cutting for woodworkers, cabinet makers, sign makers, etc. We can create the 3D model needed to create the tool paths that run the machine, or import a DXF or vector format file to work from.

We build custom CNC machines and programmable tooling for your shop that are Industry 4.0 ready. CNC skills serving Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton Virginia.

Maker - Woodworker - Hobbyist - CNC Milling Parts
Do you simply need a CNC milled part made for a personal or one-off project? like a replacement panel for a piece of furniture, or other small item, etc. We can create this for you, or with you. Our shop environment serves the maker community that might at time have complete needs not met by a home shop for a DIY project.

CNC Vertical Mill with Digital Controls
CNC Vertical Mill with Digital Controls
PEV Labs for CNC Milling Services
CNC for Jig Making
PEV Labs for CNC Branding, Logos, Signs
Displays, Booths, Logos, Signs
Our Large format gantry style CNC Machine, which we made ourselves.
Our industrial grade gantry style CNC is driven by powerful Nema 34 stepper motors and running open source Linux CNC is a workhorse. Frame assembled from aircraft quality 80/20 t-slot material. This machine has spindle speeds from 8,000 rpm up to 24,000 rpm.