Our business is based on our custom large format gantry style 48x96 CNC router for the majority of our manufacturing needs. This machine was buit for milling wood, milling plywood, milling MDF, milling plastic, milling non-ferrous metal, milling foam and so much more. With these different types of milling services we produce parts, furniture, forms, jigs, stencils, patterns and even art. There are some nice off the shelf CNC machines you can purchase ready to go. One disadvantage to those is both the logic boards and software are often proprietary. When building an open source kit or a machine made from scratch you have many options available. Over time when your project demands change you can usually make changes to both the hardware and software quickly to take on new clients without large capitol expenditures. This is one reason we utilize extruded aluminum for machine frames. Creating and mounting one-off jigs are a breeze. More serious framing changes are usually not problem. Custom machinery enclosures can be built around your needs and shipped as a kit.

Another type of CNC machine in our production lineup is 3D printers. We currently have a 90 watt CO2 laser cutter engraver design and in the assembly process.