Agility is a necessity with todays supply chain uncertainty. Regardless of the scale of your needs, being open to new ways to get parts or products made presents relationship opportunities with small boutique companies who make things Geopolitical flux has disrupted many traditional manufacturing pathways. For certain scenarios localized adaptable small scale producers like us may be of value.

Manufacturing is often thought of as the production of products and goods. Our relationship with potential clients often start at the idea stage. Part of what we offer is figuring out how to convert a series of thoughts into a serious of manual or automated tasks that result in something tangible for sale. Beginning with sketching something out with CAD or 3D modeling our product design process takes in account affordability in the production cycles. With a more casual communicative approach to testing production scenarios consider agile manufacturing such as PEV Labs.

By choice we do not have a product category focus. Diversity in a single digital fabrication product or a small run manufacturing sprint keeps it interesting. We do several small CNC milling runs per week for consumers and hobbyists that may last and hour or a day. This does not get in the way of larger scale projects that span weeks or months. Designing and building custom manufacturing machines for specific repetitive on-demand manufacturing needs is no problem here. Motion control systems, mechatronic systems and industrial design are all mixed in with our ability to produce the work.

Our business was built around professional distancing at its inception primarily to offer us the ability to focus without distractions. We are located in a defunct Crompton-Shenandoah corduroy and velveteen fabric plant in the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. The facility is a large scale non-combustable structure made of brick, concrete and steel. The exterior walls are at least 20" thick. There are no air ducts or passages between buildings and floors making social distancing part of its infrastructure. The facility is just blocks from many popular fleet service operators and has plenty of separated loading docks. Suppliers and clients can safely drop off raw materials or pick up finished products with little risk. We are very close to both interstates 64 and 81. There is a train depot a mile away. Wether you want to seeks to bring some of your manufacturing back into the United States or your business has been disrupted by the Coronavirus please reach out.

Manufacturing for Entertainment Industry
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