A few videos of fabrication and machinery in action. CNC Milling, Woodworking, Metalworking, and other digital fabrication techniques at PEV Labs in Central Virginia. Our shop is devoted to making things for people and businesses. From small parts, large parts, product prototyping to small run manufacturing solutions.

Our shop is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains close to Charlottesville, Staunton and Waynesboro Virginia. Typically there are several types of projects going on simultaneously. Most days there is always a small object or two to be CNC Laser cut or CNC Milled which is a component of another company or persons larger project. Medium jobs might consist of a dozen, or several dozen sheet stock to be milled, objects like beer tap handles and often other branded projects. And finally we usually have one large project that last up to two months spanning across all of this. With the larger manufacturing projects there might be wait time for materials are being glued, waiting on client approval and other processes which would allow for the small to medium sized jobs to fill in.

Custom Handcrafted Wooden Bike Making by PEV Labs in Virginia

Sapele Bespoke Electric Wooden Bicycle CNC Frame Manufacturing

CNC Milling Hardwood Chainstay for Handmade Bikes by PEV Labs

CNC Milling of Seat Column Pocket with Ball Nose

PEV Labs CNC Milling of New Subtable for Machine