Small fabrication shops offer agility, universality and responsiveness that can be difficult for larger vendors. Distributing, or offloading some tasks to a company that can respond quickly can keep production schedules in check. Time can be a crucial factor which can defeat even the best plans for on demand manufacturing contracts. Decentralizing processes offers customers (hobbyists, consumers and other businesses) more accessibility for customized parts or assembly creation. Tapping into smaller talent bases with lower overhead often reduces the cost of production making an end product more affordable.

We have a high tolerance for failure, a thirst for new experiences and the work ethic required to see ideas bloom.

PEV Labs for Bespoke Digital Fabrication
We Make Things at PEV Labs

In house enterprise level automation systems are common for large volume manufacturing output. However what about the niche or bespoke product developer with a smaller customer base? Traditional fabrication skills augmented with partial automation and small-scale automation machinery are essential for bringing these product categories to market. Micro-scale producers create anything from a fastener, mechanical part, aesthetic component or complete product. They serve too many client types to mention. A micro-scale manufacturer can simply be a maker moonlighting on weekends with a 3D printer or a full time service provider such as us. We have a verity of custom digital fabrication equipment, most of which we built in-house. This offers fast customization of the machines to tool up for the next job which likely does not resemble the last job. Building new one-off machines allows us to offer capabilities others can not. We are part of the supply chain economy with holistic manufacturing strategies in a very flexible way.

Tapping into distributed manufacturing gives a producers access to an almost infinite number of skill sets that may be out of reach in a specific locality. Not every region can offer engineering, aerospace, medical, technical and digital fabrication services within the same neighbored. Reaching out to a special shop regardless of location brings these companies within reach. Prototyping studios never know what skills their next project might require. Keeping costs reasonable while offering a board scope of manufacturing services would be improbable without the distribution of manufacturing skills.

At PEV Labs we cater to the micro-scale production market. Our design culture ethos embraces the freedom to fail. Trying new things, improbable concepts or way to left field ideas to bring the client an innovative solution can not be built on a framework of profit and productivity first. Many of customers need a product designed and fabricated for a production run consisting of a one-off, or ten to a hundred units while the product not having a proven model as starting point. Modern parametric modeling with integrated CAM software, flexible customizable digitally controlled machinery with the aforementioned values presents the opportunity to go from idea to physical product in a matter for hours instead of weeks or months. We do not have a minimum quantity for projects. Smaller commitments facilitate a wider diversity of experiences on our end, which translate to a wider array of future offerings.

Enhance allocated availability by outsourcing digital fabrication to small agile companies like PEV Labs.
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