Milling metal can be achieved with traditional manual milling machines or modern computer numeric controlled machines. Let's not leave out old fashion hand cutting, filling, or polishing. Most or our metal related projects require milling non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, copper and brass with our CNC or manual mill. Sheet, plate, rods and various other stocks. Softer metals are excellent for prototyping and various small to medium sized parts. We do not have a plasma cutter or water jet at this time so we can not engage large scale steel work, though we can assist with creating the CAD files and getting them to the right fabrication group. Aluminum, brass and copper are relatively soft enough to mill with little difficulty. Much of the waste on these metals can be melted down and new stock created for the next project.

Aluminum CNC Milling a Full 4x8 Sheet of Metal Stock
Aluminum CNC Milling 4x8 Sheet