PEV Labs provides on-demand industry 4.0 manufacturing for product developers, small run producers, retailers and E-tailers. Operating in an agile environment we can often provide quick production turn arounds. Our role in helping you connect buyers with physical products is by manufacturing the parts you need quickly after you place an order. PEV Labs offers low minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. This provides you a cost savings on inventory management as we produce small batch orders slightly ahead of your sales curve. Other benefits are a quick response too unexpected over sales along with low barrier to entry to testing new products or markets. We can act as a drop shipper completely removing your enterprise from warehousing inventory. This eliminates waste leading to markdowns and double shipping costs. On-demand product production is well suited for customizable e-commerce solutions. Combined with our prototyping services, small on-demand product runs offer cost effect market testing strategies. Distributed manufacturing and supply chain help a part of many on-demand fabrication solutions.

Click the example images below to find our more about the production of these products. The Rip Wake project started out as a couple of iterated prototypes. We milled a short production run of 50 units but was only given three days to produced. The CNC machine was operated 20 hours each of those days. The Heart and Hustle branded products are produced on demand when client requests. The process is so simple for this one the gym owner sends me a text stating he needs X amount more and a week later he has them in hand on the other side of the country. On demand flat pack furniture for the website We get a copy of the order when placed and it goes into our production queue. We even directly contact the customer and ask if they want any customization of the product in any way.
PEV Labs offers digital fabrication, product design, automated milling services, parts creation. More of our customer products here.
Visit our Small Run Manufacturing Page for more info about small micro-factory ordering capabilities.

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