Digital Fabrication Services by PEV Labs in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia.
Digital fabrication can be defined as a process which combines digital design such as CAD or 3D modeling with the production cycle, most often using digital manufacturing equipment. Our CNC Services (subtractive manufacturing) are popular for serving client projects in product development or branded products. 3D printing falls or additive manufacturing (AM) is often relied up for Product Prototyping. Both types offer a fast economical method in rapid prototyping, product production and parts creation. PEV Labs offers Industrial Design and digital fabrication services for small run commercial products, prototype iterations along with small personal projects. Currently in the process of building a high wattage CO2 Laser of our own design. A Digital fabricator can offer results at a fraction of the cost of traditional fabrication techniques.

Subtractive Digital Manufacturing
Additive Digital Manufacturing
3D Printing Foot From X-Ray
3D Printing Foot From X-Ray
Fabrication by 3D Printing
Fabrication by 3D Printing (3DP)
Additive Manufacturing of Moving Parts
Additive Manufacturing Moving Parts
Ultimaker and RepRap Style Printers
Ultimaker and RepRap Printers