Branded products are an excellent way to increase visibility and marketing exposure of your company. To clarify we don't mean creating a brand, or branding campaign, but rather adding your established brand identity on an object. A simple production example would be milling or laser etching a logo into something related to the product image. Such products we produce which can be made brand centric are drink coasters, tap handles, display booths, signs, wall panels and even personal electric vehicles deployed at trade shows or events. Design services are available. We are happy to offer a quote for a project based on your design, logo or established brand identity. Traditional maker skills to digital fabrication techniques such as CNC milling are services we provide cost effectively. Materials we work with range from wood, plastics, composites to non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. More extensive branded product branded product manufacturing would be like the UVA drink coasters below were we produce more than a 100 per run. If you would like some awesome ideas on brand exposure and product branding architecture please reach out.