Silicon rubber mold making along with epoxy resin or composite casting can be used for a verity of new and reproduction parts creation. One-off single pieces to small batch production runs. Resin casts are an affordable method for small to medium sized objects. We use this technique for some projects where multiple identical objects are needed, like the beer tap handles shown below which we have done for several breweries in the Charlottesville area. Other uses would be crafting, costume or cosplay items, and even dentistry. This is an economical manufacturing method of part reproduction. Additives can make resin objects have some elasticity which is optimal for costume making. There are many different formulas for the silicon moulds. Detailed and small items would need to be fairly elastic for removal without breaking the master. Larger objects are better suited to use more firm mixtures so they do not distort while casting. Epoxies also come in many different ways with hardening denseness and set time being two main factors.

The manufacturing architectural castings with plaster for historic restoration, interior design or home DIY residential weekend remodelers unitizes the same techniques as resin casting. Making a mold from a source cast allow for reproduction of parts replacement of an object no longer obtainable. Purchasing a new wooden architectural element to make a rubber mold from works well for inexpensive replication. We can also provide CNC milling of the master if you want to design your own in a 3D modeling program.

Degassing Silicon Rubber with a Vacuum Chamber
Degassing with a Vacuum Chamber
PVC as Form for Silicon Rubber Mold on a Microphone Prototype Project
Epoxy Resin Cast Pieces Galore
Resin Casting Table
Flatpack Custom Resin Casting Table
Manufacturing of Architectural Castings
CNC Post Processing of Resin Casting
Silicon Split Mould
Silicon Split Mould for Chandelier Arm
3D Printed Master for Silicon Split Mold
3D Printed Master in Split Mold
Cast Resin In Split Mold
Cast Resin In Split Mold
3D Printed Master for Mold Making
3D Printed Master for Mold Making
Silicon Mold Material Poured on Master
Silicon Mold Material Poured
PVC as Form for Silicon Rubber Mold on a Microphone Prototype Project
PVC as Form for Silicon Rubber Mold
Rubber Bubbling in Vacuum Chamber
De-gasification Bubbling of Silicon