We build design and build electric guitars and purely electronic musical instruments, for fun and client requests. Repairs are also a possibility depending on needs but our focus is on making. We made a few guitars from scratch including our own necks and fretboards. We love neck though construction, though its more cost effected to purchase pre-made necks. Our CNC machines are awesome for getting the fret bar spacing fairly precise when taking this on. We also make electric guitars per your specifications or designs. Milling custom bespoke guitar bodies are fairly straight forward. Information is readily available for lying out various pickups, bridges, tremolos and neck pockets. Also comfortable with Floyd Rose or other modern Tremelo CNC pocketing. Visit our electronics and circuit design page if interested in what goes on beyond our tactile skills. If you are a musical instrument maker and would like parts milled please reach out.
More guitar builds at AngryMutant.com

Custom Electronic Musical Instruments Design and Assembly
Electronic Musical Instruments Design
PEV Labs for Electric Vehicle Repair in Central Virginia
PEV Labs for Musical Instruments
Custom Fabricated Semi-hollow Body Guitar
Custom Semi-hollow Body Assembly
Primed Ready for Paint Guitar
Primed Ready for Paint Guitar
CNC Milled Semi Hollow Body Guitar Front, Milled and Routed
CNC Milled Semi Hollow Body
CNC Milled Semi Hollow Body Guitar Back, Milled and Routed
Guitar Back, Milled and Routed
CAM Toolpath Guitar Test
CAM Toolpath Guitar Test
CNC Milled Electric Guitar Neck Front
CNC Milled Neck & Fret Slots