PEV Labs offers casual Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Services as we appreciate not everyone has technical drafting or modeling skills. Along with our our industrial design capabilities this is an import element of converting and idea into a tangle idea or product. We can create 3D models from your design in CAD, or design a product for you. Our program of choice is AutoDesk Fusion 360 which you can download and try for free on both Mac OS X and Windows. Maybe you have an idea sketched on a napkin you need developed for a presentation or manufacturing. We can supply you with live 3D models you can spin around and explode in a web browser that can be shared with prospective project investors. In addition CAD, .STEP .DXF .SVG and BOM (Bill of Materials) can be generated.Once the 3D model is completed and all renders are looking good, we then fire up the CAM module to create the tool paths (GCode) needed to run the digital manufacturing machine when applicable. This most often would be a CNC Mill or 3D printer.

3D Architectural Topography Maps provide a nice visual way to express land development, typology assessment, space planning and architectural feasibility. high density foam landscapes with 3D printed structures can offer cost savings over traditional model making techniques. PEV Labs CNC routing services produce milling of topography maps in architectural high-density urethane foam, MDF, plywood and expanded PVC. We can handle solid terrain model sizes up to 4' x 8'.Our CNC routers can handle a wide variety of architectural millwork in materials such as wood, plastic, composites, foam honeycomb core and non-ferrous metals into either flat or three-dimensional shaped products. Our machine is used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries including woodworking, plastic, signage or medical.