We frequently fabricate in plastics for parts, jigging, templating and prototyping. Polycarbonate is extremely tough and is a favorite here. Many biocompatible plastics carry the USP class VI designation can be milled for medical devices or usage. Other factors in choosing plastic might be general stability, dimensional stability temperature resistance, chemical resistance and UV Resistance. Signage, branding or merchandising displays make use of CNC milling plastic for logos. Or parts which inset into another element like a sign or panel on a display or trade show booth. Clear poly for shop jigs as it is five times stronger than acrylic making for a substantially safer work environment. Plastics are also common for parts of DIY machines and devices. In addition to milling plastic, 3D Printers can create plastic parts. After cutting or milling we have a heated plastic form bender for post shaping. Common plastic fabrication types include polycarbonate, acrylic sheet or solid stock and PVC.