Here are a few more project pages to show some of the types of work we can design and produce. General Making to Manufacturing of small or medium run products reducing the reliance on volatile overseas markets. Ideas or plans would optimally be submitted as CAD files for accuracy in scale and having the geometry needed to mill the parts. However if that is not your bag, you could send a drawing on a piece of paper with a cell phone for a ball park quote. We design in AutoDesk Fusion 360 as the modeling and CNC programing is linked together in one software package. Any changes in the design automatically get updating in the CAM without the need to reprogram. Fusion is a parametric modeler will allow for almost every dimension or aspect of the project to adjusted in a spreadsheet which adjust all parts effected by the change. Beyond that we just make stuff. Make with wood, plywood, metal, plastics, MDF, and other modern composite materials. PEV Labs has plenty of traditional shop equipment to augment the digital fabrication machines such as CNC's, Lasers and 3D Printers.
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