Hanging Projector Stand Project : CNC Flat-Pack Design - Fabrication Virginia

This is a project stand Louis designed and fabricated for his projector to show movies at Tinkersmiths. Designed in AutoDesk Fusion 360 and Milled on our Gantry CNC this is another example of our Flat-Pack designs that can be assembled and finished by the end user. This version is hanging from the metal trusses in the warehouse ceiling, but we could adapt the design for office or residential use if desired.

Hi-Definition Projector On Hanging Stand
Flatpack DIY Hanging Projector Stand
Flatpack Design Hanging Projector Project
Hanging Plywood Projector Stand
Hanging Projector Stand Parts
CNC Milled Hanging Projector Stand
DIY Hanging Projector Stand CNC Parts
CNC Milled Projector Stand Parts
CNC Projector Stand via DIY Projects and Workshops
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