We have begun design and construction of our high powered 90 Watt CO2 laser cutter and engraver build. Building custom machinery with the specific needs of our shop and client base is a passion of ours. Here are a few pics of the design and progress. Designing, building and utilizing digital fabrication equipment is a way of life at PEV Labs. This high powered laser is designed to accommodate duel laser cutting gantries with two laser tubes. Laser base cabinet is complete. Currently working on laser chassis framing by adding mechanicals to support the auto focus Z-bed. Send us a drawing if you would like to get a quick quote on Laser Engraving.

DIY Laser Chassis Cabinet Progress
Laser Chassis Cabinet (Not Started)
Laser Engraver Project Progress
DIY Co2 Laser Engraver Project Progress

DIY CO2 Laser Frame and Cabinet Progress - Visit our Video Channel