Brian Williford Digita Fabricator in Charlottesville Virginia
Brian Williford is an On Demand Digital Fabricator. This is an individual who utilizes manufacturing automation to quickly produce or reproduce products or parts. These digital manufacturing machines of varying types, are controlled by computer numeric control (CNC). These machines allow for precision in repetition or precision in matching closely the requirements of an industrial designer. There are a range of digital fabrication machines and techniques but they mostly rely on standard programming language called G-Code. Many of the machines are based on Cartesian motion, or XYZ movement such as CNC routers, laser engravers and vertical mills. Common machines are 3-axis gantry style CNC spindle routers, laser engravers and 3D printers. Some have a fourth axis that rotate offering controlled turning, or lathing. PEV Labs provides a verity of digital fabrication services from CNC Milling too Additive Manufacturing. Some of the main benefits of Digital over traditional fabrication machines can reliably be programmed to make consistent products from digital designs. The designs can be iterated during product development and the machining will follow with little learning curve. Abstracting the cutting tools and blades slightly away from the operator reduces the chance of injury even during very long hours of operation to meet a long production run.