PEV Labs, designs, prototypes, fabricates and produces parts and products in Virginia. The things we make are so diverse there is no way to categorize what we do other than to say we make things for people and businesses. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville and Waynesboro VA. Located in what was once the Crompton Shenandoah Plant which offers plenty of square footage for light to heavy industrial. This complex offers plenty of room for expansion, loading docks for incoming materials along with outgoing merchandise. Just off of Interstate 64 and close to 81 allows for ease of fleet service delivers. Train shipping available too. We make things in Virginia for people, business, DIY enthusiasts and hospitality. If you want a local vendor to make your parts or products please reach out to discuss.

Small Run Manufacturing of Branded Products in Virginia - Manufacturing Videos
On-Demand Manufacturing of Wooden Cutlery Blanks in Virginia - Our Youtube