We love designing and making Personal Electric Vehicles here at PEV Labs, or Personal Electric Vehicle Labs. Making things move, not just in terms of creating a mechatronic project, but producing things one can ride is a passion and specialty. Micro-controller based motor driven motion systems with a little bit of wood and metal turn a small amount of energy into personal transportation. Other uses for small electric vehicles would be event productions, trade shows, parades or high pedestrian situations which might require people or cargo movement. Parts for motion control have become abundant, very affordable and are not overly complex to design. Motion control use cases goes beyond vehicles as it can be incorporate into signs, displays and trade shows can add a bit of eye candy to your presentation or event production. Motion control has made its way into mobility assistance for pets, shopping and public spaces where people or crowd flow is helpful.

Below are a few projects we have designed and fabricated that we would consider a PEV, or Personal Electric Vehicles.

Fabrication Skills Involved