Mechatronic Kiosk Design : 3D Modeling : Rendering

The short version of "What is Mechatronics" is the combination of mechanics and electronics. A broader explanation of Mechatronics could be defined as a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering. This was a recent concept for a project that did not happen. But we thought we would share the design concept.

In this scenario we have a bike centric Jules Verne style mechatronic kiosk which controls various immersive art elements of the establishment. The kiosk operator would sit on the bike seat and pedal. The chain drives a motion control sensor inside the kiosk. It reads speed and direction. The levers on the top would send signals via xBee radio modules to the participating systems in vicinity. Such systems could be bicycle rims mounted on the ceiling with individually addressable RGB LED light strips in place of tires. The wheels would spin the direction of the pedaling and the speed of the wheels would be relative to the pedaling. The light colors would be controlled via the levers at the kiosk top. There would be other modules controlled by the lever what would have been designed at a later time.

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Mechatronic Industrial Design in Virginia
Mechatronic Industrial Design
Bike Centric Kiosk Concept by PEV Labs in Virginia
Bike Centric Kiosk Concept
Isometric View of Mechatronic Kiosk
Isometric View of Mechatronic Kiosk
Front View of Mechatronics Kiosk
Front View of Mechatronics Kiosk
PEV Labs Design Services in Virginia
PEV Labs Design Services
Mechatronic Kiosk Top View in Virginia
Mechatronic Kiosk Top View
Mechatronic Belt Driven Kiosk Controller
Belt Driven Kiosk Controller
Mechatronic Industrial Design Charlottesville VA
Mechatronic Industrial Design