Brian Williford Charlottesville Maker A Maker is a person, device, machine or system that makes or produces something. Like art, making is in most all of us to some degree. You don't need to go to school or take a class to become a maker. However over the last decade there has been an increase in places that help draw such skills deep inside you out into the open. Such places are called Makerspaces. Often more community driven than monetarily, Makerspaces provide space, workshops and talent to help you grow your skills and mind. Brian Williford of Charlottesville created that cities first entry in this market called Tinkersmiths Makerspace. For four years Tinkersmiths existed as the only free Makerspace in the US that offered access to industrial equipment and workshops for free. There are library styl Makerspaces that are free but they don't offer wood shops, welding equipment and other more serious equipment based competencies. This resurgence of tactile experiences is known as the maker movement.

After a half a decade of sharing his tools and knowledge Brian decided to return to making things professionally. The shortest way to help understand why is to think of an artists that became an art instructor who no longer had the time to create their own art. Yes, it was important they shared such skill but after time their soul may long to go back to doing the thing they were born to do. We make things for people, businesses, hospitality, festivals, or whatever challenge presents itself.

So in a long winded way Brian Williford is maker, that is his living. If you want something designed, created, made, fabricated in part or entirety please reach out for a quote. Brian also still offers co-fabrication experiences much like he did at Tinkersmiths be please be aware that these accurate at the normal billable rate of 60 an hour. Day rate discounts available along with evening and weekend hours.

Many of the products Brian designs and makes are for sale at Please reach out for inquires.regardless of how silly you may think the project is.