Immersive Art Experiences often entail multimedia technology, digital media, micro-controller technologies, mechatronics as presentation and engagement mediums. PEV Labs offers creative design and fabrication of such real world engagement experiences.

Immersive Art Experiences often combine physical spaces, physical environments, story telling, motion, sound scapes, manufacturing and tons of creativity to take the audience to place far behind there usual reality. The participant is most often "inside the artwork", engage and at times controlling the experience. Immersive Art is about exploration, alternate realities, complex sensory exposure which as all designed to put yourself into another worldly environment. Immersive Art can offer a different kind of innovation as the creator is not necessarily focused on solving a problem, but rather increasing engagement while tickling ones soul. Parameters on how we define art have been debated long before performance art or interactive art arrived. We can bypass debate by focusing on creating Immersive Experiences, or Immersive Sensory Experiences.