First, Thank you so much for reaching out. We really do want to try and help. The short answers to the most common questions are that our minimum job size is only $100. Lead time for one-off tiny projects or machine runs is usually one to three days. Up tp two weeks for super large projects. We are working though the pandemic and are practicing professional distancing. If you don't want to put in any time needed to get a free quote, or have a larger product that requires my I will gladly take care of this for compensation for my time. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the concept or task request and I will give you a price for planning the project.

Since we are often very busy running equipment it is helpful to have some info ready when making a costing estimate request for a speedy response. Please be kind enough to provide the info below that might pertain to your project when emailing us. I typically respond more quickly when I the basic info provided. Please review and supply what you can of the particulars below. The more info I have the closer to fixed bid I can provide.
Contact: Brian Williford: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why does this page exists? Please don't be put off but we cant spend $300 worth of time estimating a $100 project. We get asked to do so reguarly. It takes time to load your CAD file to calculate machine milling time. It takes time to walk you though specifics on materials and options. It takes time figuring out how much the product will weigh, how long it may take to package it or build a crate. It takes time to find out where the products is going, how far that is from me and what the shipping costs for that may be. Our goal here is to guide you through getting your ducks in a row so you can get a free quick quote on your potential project.

Basic Safety Guidelines:

  • We don't allow walk-ins. Customer intellectual property is often visible in the shop and needs be protected as we provide prototyping services.
  • Our fingers may be near a moving machine part(s). Getting distracted or startled can equal personal injury.
  • UPDATE - Given the Coronavirus pandemic severity we practice professional social distancing. Nobody comes into the shop but Brian so no in person consultations currently. You can still to drop off material on our loading dock for new projects. Personal protection equipment encouraged.

Project File Guideline Pecking Order - Just do the best you can on this. click for file preparation info here:

  • 3D Solid Model Files preferred: Autodesk Fusion 360, AutoCad or SolidWorks project files
  • 3D Solid Model STEP files if you want to not share project files or have other 3D CAD software
  • If No 3D - DWG > DXF > SVG > or Adobe Illustrator files
  • If we must go raster or no encapsulated measurement data then PDF > Image > or hand drawing to get the ball rolling
  • If possible lay out your parts over a boundary of the stock with preferably a 1" space from edges and between parts. I need to clamp down the stock and you loos material with the cutters.

Basic Labor Rates Guides:

  • CNC Milling - $125 per sheet of 0.75" inch or greater stock (Lesser charge for higher volumes)
  • CNC Milling - $100 per sheet of 0.50" inch or less stock (Lesser charge for higher volumes)
  • $75 a Person Hour for traditional craftsman services
  • Most our work is a fixed bid. Hourly rates are to show how we calculate theses costs.

Material Guides:

  • We don't pay warehouse space to store every kind of material imaginable. We do have scraps on had for MDF and plywood for smaller projects.
  • We don't call suppliers, work out palleting and fleet services for shipping on free quotes. For simple projects you can use these links to do rough material costing.
  • Material requests should not be vague Such as "milled in plywood" as there is a hundred plus choices there. Review our plywood basics page here for help.
  • Plastic? Hundreds of choices here too. Review our sheet stock basics page here for help.
  • Hardwood? Dozens of choices here. Review our hardwood basics page here for help.
  • Non-ferrous Metal BMG Metals or Online Metals for help.

Here are some helpful particulars:

  • CNC - $100 minimum to load a CAD file, create tool paths, clamp down stock, then mill. If you are using part of a sheet you can often fill up the sheet at same cost.
  • Is your project local to me and no shipping required? If not what is your shipping zip code?
  • I don't stock large quantities of material. If I have to cost out large orders I charge for that time. If its just a sheet or two I may have it.
  • You can on your time fetch material and it and leave it on my loading dock. Or order it and have it shipped to me. There are so many styles and types of plywoods. You can contact in Richmond for material pricing and delivery fees.
  • More about hardwood pricing here. For plastics and lesser used materials we probably need to have some dialog.

Just Stuff Man:

  • The ability to keep our machines humming requires us to be in the shop. We rarely take field work. Occasionally we will do an install for a large shop based project. Or do something on the outside world that is super interested. So feel free to ask.
  • Our shop is in Waynesboro Virginia but we live in Charlottesville VA. We very often meet people in cVille or along they way to grab material or drop off things we have made. We go to Staunton for dining so afterwork too. We do this at no charge unless we have to go out of our way and take something to your house. In which case that is usually an extra $25.