Have talent but need access to equipment to get that extra special idea produced? Maybe you are handy with tools but just want a little workspace, extra guidance on material science, fabrication techniques, or considerations for scaling production. PEV Labs is very supportive of cofabbing, or co-working fabrication experiences. Schedule a series of time slots with us in our shop to make your producing a tangle prototype or extra special thing. We have basic shop tools, commercial machinery to modern digital fabrication equipment on hand with a skilled, multi-competency craftsperson to work with you in creating your product. Contact PEV Labs

Co-working is most often referenced as an open office style environment. The concept of open, and or shared fabrication spaces are becoming more commonplace. Many start-ups today are breaking out of the software realm as the interest in making physical products are having a resurgence. Not everyone has a shop at home, access to equipment at work or even a suitable factory type environment that can handle some of the heavy duty noise, dust and materials handling needed. Much like Makerspace's and FabLabs, Co-working Fabrication (cofabbing) offers a path forward by offering space or another skilled hand for making.

CNC Milling Chairs Cofabbing with Nathan
Another CNC Milling Chairs Cofabbing with Nathan
Cofabbing with Nathan / CNC Woodworking
Cofabbing with Nathan on CNC Furniture Woodworking Project
PEV Labs for Coworking Fabrication
PEV Labs for Coworking Fabrication. Working with Alex on CNC milling Table Base
PEV Labs for Cofabbing - Co-working Fabrication
Co-working Fabrication with Joe on His Flatpack Recording Console
Co-Fabrication CNC Milling With Rex
Co-Fabrication CNC Milling With Rex
Cofabbing CNC with Michael
Cofabbing a CNC Cabinetry Project with Michael

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