Custom designed for use in our own shop, this flat-pack parts organizer project also can double as bench legs. Made from half inch cabinet grade pre-primed plywood. We CNC milled in dado slots for quarter inch tray separators made of .22" thick Luan plywood. Luan ply is mostly used for vinyl flooring underpayment. Lowes sheet stock is a very attractive and affordable material. The logo was inset with silicon rubber. We keep all our nuts, bolts and doodads and whatnots in these. Unit pops together with a rubber mallet and a few drywall screws. This is a flatpack system which can be assembled easily. Designed to utilize standard hardware store plastic parts trays. Unit is using Stanley SortMaster Junior 14 Compartment Small Parts Organizer. Many of these parts trays are similar sizes so a few other brands or models would probably fit.

We Designed and Fabricated This Flatpack Plywood Inset Rubber Shelving Unit
Designed and Fabricated Shelving Unit
Painted With Silicon Rubber Inlay for Branding
Painted With Silicon Rubber Inlay
Custom Parts Organizer Shelving for Compartment Trays
Custom Parts Organizer Cubby Trays
Industrial Design of Prototype Flatpack Parts Organizer
Design of Prototype Parts Organizer