Flatpack Designed : Mold Making and Resin Casting Table : Fabrication Workspace

PEV Labs designed in AutoDesk Fusion 360 this piece of furniture we that use frequently for mold making and resin casting. We milled the panel profiles, pockets and tabs on our large formate gantry CNC. Sanded, painted the parts, then popped together with a rubber mallet and added a few screws. We up-cycled a used an old door with a narrow window converted into a materials tray. We can design unique furniture pieces for both commercial and residential applications. Also enjoy traditional and antiquated styles too.

Resin Castings in Table Jig
Resin Castings in Table Jig
Table with Materials Recess
Table with Materials Recess
Flatpack Design Resin Table
Resin Castings in Table Jig
PEV Labs Silicon Mold Making and Resin Casting Production Table Completed
Silicon Rubber Poured in Tray Bottom
Added an Old Door for the Table Top, Window Slot as Materials Tray
Sidelight Door for Table Top
Screwed the Shelving Units to Center and Side Shelf Units
Center and Side Shelf Units
Moving The Shelving Units in Place for Assembly
Shelving Units Being Assembled
Center Shelving Unit, Note the Unusual Design
Center Shelving Unit
Two Traditional Shelving Units Get Sandwiched Between Support Shelving
Shelving Units as Support
End Unit is Also a Table Support and Caps Off as Finishing Detail
End Unit as Finishing Detail
Assembling the Center Shelving Support, Note the Mortice and Tenon
Mortice and Tenon Assembly
Parts are Pre-painted Prior to Assembly
Parts are Pre-painted
Fabrication Skills Involved