PEV Labs - Brian Williford : Maker : Fabricator : Prototyper : Industrial Designer

We make things for people, businesses and hospitality

From traditional woodworking, branded product development to designing Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) though our Urban Mobility brand urbMo, to fabricating almost anything for or with clients. We love making!

PEV Labs offers general fabrication, digital fabrication, co-working fabrication, product prototyping, and small run manufacturing services in Waynesboro VA. We can provide a make it workshop series to work with you on a project you want to bring to fruition. Or just make stuff for you as a professional service.

Born from Tinkersmiths Makerspace in Charlottesville VA we serve individuals or businesses in the Central Virginia area who are in need of having something tangible made. From concept representation with computer aided modeling, to production with computer added manufacturing. We help those with ideas have a working prototype or physical product. We make things personal enjoyment, idea alpha testing, patent applications, investor presentations, or just because you want it. We are small, agile, open minded shop in the Blue Ridge Mountains that can works on projects of varying size, scope and complexity.

  • "We started a Makerspace to provide equipment, knowledge and talent to the community. From this, my love of making became a full time career."

    Brian Williford digs designing products, then bringing them to fruition with tactile skills.

    imageBrian Williford
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