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PEV Labs can CNC mill various types of Signage cost effectively. We can work in a verity of materials from wood, plastics, composites to non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. We also offer design services if needed. Please note we are not a conventional sign shop so we don't have a verity of large format printers for banners, etc. What we do enjoy producing is fabricated signs that can be produced with traditional tools or computerized milling equipment.

Branded products are an effective method for helping your business stand out. Below is an image for beer tap handles we design and manufactured for Pro Re Nata Brewery in Crozet Virginia.

PEV Labs for Sign Fabrication in Waynesboro Virginia
Sign Fabrication in Birch Plywood for a Band Display
CNC Milled Aluminum Signs
CNC Milled Aluminum Signs at IX Business Park
PEV Labs for Brand Product Fabrication in Waynesboro Virginia
Brand Product Fabrication Resin Cast Beer Tap Handles for Brewery